Company history

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Thank you for visiting the website of KÁBEL-PLUSZ Ltd! Let us introduce the history and principles of our company:

Our company was founded in 1998 by two people. At the very start just a few people worked in our team but – due to the continuous technical developments and our partners’ growing orders – this number has significantly increased. At the beginning we just had hand-tools, but nowadays we have a proper plant to satisfy completely the requirements of our clients. We do hold it important to produce our products with attention and precision and we also help our partners continuously with our technical guidance and services.

Fields of activity

We do our best to enlarge our fields of activity in accordance with our partners’ needs. As a consequence, we can offer the following things in the field of electronics:

  • standardized cables
  • cable assemblies
  • production of electrical harnesses
  • manual installation of printed circuits
  • assembly of wire harnesses
  • precision cutting and unwrapping of wires
  • precision cable processing
  • installation of tags and studs
  • installation of other contacts
  • precision stud extrusion
  • other soldering activities
  • cutting of protection pipes and studs
  • assembly of electronic products
  • transformation of electronic products
  • lease-work
  • stripping force testing

  • Our products are being built into heating and household appliances, industrial coolers, mobile homes and agricultural machinery. In addition to electrical harnesses, we make special standardized wires for individual orders such as high voltage piezoelectric wires, heat and fire resistant capped end wires and connection cables. Beside these products our company also assembles joint boxes and instrument panels.


    Cable standardization

    One of our main profiles is cable standardization, production of cable assemblies and electrical harnesses. We put special emphasis on the professional and technical developing of these fields. Cable processing is realized with the help of automatic cutting and unwrapping machines. At the moment we are able to process and transform cables with more hearts. Our electrical harnesses are set together according to the valid regulations and the customers’ demands, and we are also on hand with further developments if needed. These electrical harnesses are usually used in the following fields:

  • equipments for heating industry (gas boilers, gas convector heaters, industrial dark radiators, gas storage heaters)
  • agricultural machinery
  • wine and ice cream coolers
  • battery chargers
  • mobile homes
  • industrial electronics

  • We also produce cable assemblies, which are used in the upper listed fields.



    Printed circuits

    Our company undertakes the manual implantation of smaller and medium-sized printed circuits (PCBs). We are able to implant wires, cables and other appliances according to the valid standards and we can also achieve smaller panel modifications.

    Wire and cable assemblies production

    We produce special, standardized wires for individual orders such as high voltage piezoelectric wires, heat, ion wires, heat and fire resistant capped-end wires and connection cables. Our goal is that our products always represent the same quality and visual standard, that’s why – when constructing our assemblies – we pay attention to choose the proper materials (protection pipes, fixing elements, bandages, cable ties, cable stockings) and we achieve the final form of our products on the mechanic panels with the help of patterns. Our wire assemblies are used in the following areas:

  • as an element of printed circuit panels
  • mobile homes
  • heating industry (gas boilers, gas convector heaters, industrial black light radiant heaters, gas storage heaters)
  • coffee machines

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    Installation of tags and studs onto wires


    To accelerate the working process we use table pressing tags which have several applicators formed especially to those specific studs. This technology enables us to install 2000 tags onto the wires per hour. The precise setting possibility of the applicators makes possible the standardized stripping force testing on the several wire types.


    Some of our customers would like to have electrical harnesses with special studs, which is not possible using machine technology, but with the help of similar manual pliers we are able to perform the same task, as for example crimpling of sealing tags, which is common in car electronics.

    IDC press

    More and more of our partners are using the so-called IDC-connectors – mostly in heating technology – but the realisation of these is problematic in most places. Our colleagues have invented a manual press, which enables to fit multi cross-sectional wires precisely and efficiently into the connectors.




    Precision cutting and unwrapping

    One of our specialities is the precision cutting and unwrapping of wires and cables with more hearts. Our modern technological equipments and their professional handling enable us to do it.

    Lease work

    We always fulfil our jobs according to our customers’ needs and we are ready to join at whatever stage of the working process, it means that in more cases we also transform electronic devices and cable assemblies according to our customers’ request.

    Other activities

  • Cutting of tags placed on power supplies by machine
  • Fitting of cable assemblies into power supplies
  • Realisation of control panels and equipments

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    In terms of our company policy we guarantee the highest quality to our partners, that’s why we have introduced a continual quality control and a good storage system. We also control the quality of the materials we work with and we also put emphasis on not to exceed the terms of material warranty (that’s why we have a First In First Out Policy).

    We check our cable and wire assemblies and electrical harnesses with the help of testers invented by us so that we can avoid the eventual assembly mistakes.

    The ready products are controlled again before the actual delivery.

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